Questions and Answers

How can I obtain my Flarm-Radio-ID or ICAO-Address?

You can enter either your FLARM®-Radio-ID or if desired, configure your FLARM®-device in a way so that it uses your ICAO24-address as identification. If you use the FLARM®-Radio-ID, select one of the methods underneath:

  • Connect your FLARM® to a PC and read the FLARM®-ID with a terminal program. 
  • If your FLARM®-Display shows your FLARM®-Radio-ID you can simply read it
  • If one of your friends has a FLARM®-Display, which displays the FLARM®-IDs of the received aircraft, you can put your aircraft next to your friends one and read your FLARM®-ID on his display.
  • Make a FLARM range analysis, you can read the Radio ID from the analysis tool. Please find the tool here.

If you want to use your ICAO24-Adress, please go through the following process:

  • configure your FLARM®-device so that it uses the ICAO24-Address
  • find out your address here: or for US registered aircraft go to and select N-number inquiry > Go.  The six digit Flarm code will be the Mode S Code (base 16 /hex)

Why does FlarmNet need my FLARM®-Radio-ID?

FlarmNet stores your FLARM®-Radio-ID together with other informations about your aircraft in a database. Other FlarmNet users can copy this database to their FlarmNet compatible device, which let them see not only your FLARM®-Radio-ID, but also the other information you entered. This makes it possible to identify other aircraft, which helps to improve team flight and brings personality directly into your cockpit. 

Can I use FlarmNet in competitions?

Currently there is no exact regulation on this issue. However, it is possible, that FlarmNet will be forbidden at some competitions. The manufacturers of FlarmNet compatible devices are aware of this situation and have prepared special functions for competitions, which disables FlarmNet functions if this is required by the regulations.

Am I always visible, if I register at FlarmNet?

FlarmNet supports the stealth-mode, which is integrated in every FLARM®-device. FlarmNet authorized devices don't show any FlarmNet-data of aircraft with enabled stealth-mode. To make it short: Only who wants to be seen is displayed.

Be careful, some other devices may have the ability to display FlarmNet data without this restriction, therefore only submit data if you are willing to allow others to see these.

How does FlarmNet protect the privacy of FlarmNet users?

FlarmNet data is only made available for use by third parties if usage conditions are adhered to. These usage conditions limit proliferation and display of data. FlarmNet datasets to be downloaded by anybody are protected through encoding. The purpose of encoding is to make FlarmNet data available in non human readable form. With adequate knowhow, files are readable to third parties.

Be Careful: FlarmNet data can be decoded by anybody with appropriate knowledge on data encoding/decoding. There are no means of protection for your data from unauthorized third party decoding. If you don't want your data to be made publicly available, don't register at FlarmNet. If you already have registered, please delete your data or contact us. We take your privacy concerns seriously and will help you deleting your data if required.

Is FlarmNet affiliated with OGN?

No. Flarmnet is not affiliated with OGN. FlarmNet does not agree with OGN policy nor does it allow used of FlarmNet Data in OGN. In the past, FlarmNet data has been (illegally) used by OGN, but to our understanding, this has been stopped.

Where can I get the latest FlarmNet data?

You can always download the latest FlarmNet data files in the downloads section of this website. The files are generated every two hours.

What can I do to support FlarmNet?

First of all: Register your FLARM®-device. If you want to support FlarmNet, ask all your friends and other pilots, to register, too. If you want to support the project additionaly and make FlarmNet more popular, you can contact us at any time. FlarmNet is for free.